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My protagonist, Josun

Published October 12, 2014 by mythsofdymos

Hi everyone. This post is about my story’s protagonist, Josun. What Josun is trying to accomplish in the story is bring peace to the land. Josun is about 6’2, and has a pretty fit form. Attractiveness is never on his list of priorities, but people would see Josun as handsome. Maybe not as handsome as Prince Charming, but still handsome.

Josun manages to speak to others pretty well. The only problem is he’s never really had any friends until the story sends him on his adventure. He does manage to get along with the people who join him pretty well. Josun doesn’t waste time with clothes. He’s perfectly content with a tunic, pants, and some boots.

Josun is pretty loyal to the kingdom he’s a part of, but he is capable of telling when people are doing things that are wrong. He’s not the guy that goes with what might be considered popular. He’s never been popular his entire life because he lived life as a farmer. Josun hasn’t been diagnosed with any disabilities.

Josun was born about 1989 in our time, and the events of the story take place when he’s sixteen. He’s lived in the village of Thrystinove his entire life. His mother, Myrna, has worked as a farmer and was very good at it. Josun loves his mother very much, but he never knew who his father was. His mother wanted to have more children, but Josun ended up being the only child in their family.

Josun is a caucasian human from the island of Sodow, which is where a person from the British Isles would find them if they were to travel to Dymos. Sodow, like the rest of Bylouth, lives in a feudal society. It works well for Josun and he’s pretty comfortable with living as a farmer.

The main religion of Bylouth is based off of Christianity. I’m afraid I still haven’t thought of a name for it. Josun does believe what he had been taught because he views not believing in something more as wrong. The main belief is that all the people of Dymos were brought to that world from Earth to help their deity (whom they call the Builder) fight the devil of that world (known as the Waster). Josun lives his life in accordance to the practices of his religion.

Myrna could never afford to send Josun to school, so he never had a real education. One of the priests from the village church did teach him to read, though he still struggles with that from time to time. His mother is his primary caretaker.

Josun doesn’t have a girlfriend right now and has never been in a relationship. He doesn’t know what it means to be in love, though he believes it is one of the greatest things that can happen to anyone. His knowledge is based on what his mother told him about her and his father, and as a result Josun lives a very chaste life.

Josun does look up to his mother because despite being without her husband Myrna doesn’t let that get her down. She works hard on their farm and doesn’t give up. Josun doesn’t like his cousins because they are arrogant and act like the world owes them a living. They also talk bad about his father, calling him a bandit and outlaw. Josun likes his determination to get his work done, though he dislikes the fact that he never really got an education. Josun has been told by his mother that he shouldn’t be stubborn,¬†but he can never tell when he’s acting that way. His greatest strength would be his sense of what’s right and wrong. If he could be doing anything he would prefer to be in school.

Josun is known in his community, though his lack of education would probably put him near the bottom despite the success of his mother’s farm. He acts the same in public as he does in private, so everyone knows him for who he is. Josun doesn’t have any secrets, but his mother¬†knows something about him he doesn’t. I’m afraid I can’t say what because I plan to reveal it later in the story. Right now Josun believes he’s alive to take over his mother’s farm in the future.

Well that’s all I got right now. I hope this helps with my writing.

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