Published October 13, 2014 by amoafowaa

Mum C writes



Once a boy from Africa saw

A white boy from America

He asked “hey boy why are you coy?”

The white boy said “I’m from America”


He couldn’t play because of heat

And felt so bad because of food

He ate only leaves and rice alone

The African thought he had many a mood


The white boy told him many things

In America there are many things

The snow which sacks mosquitoes

And the weather which is very cold


The black boy wept and pleaded

Please take me to America

I want a place as cool as the sea

And that place is not Africa


The black boy went to America

And shivered so much he could not sit

He slept so much he could not play

He hated the weather which his mouth bit


“What have I done? This is no place for…

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