Intro to Story Host…David Glenn

Published October 4, 2014 by mythsofdymos

Hi everyone. My name is David Glenn, and like you I’m an aspiring author. My book is called Power of Vedion, and it’s the first of what I hope will become a series called The Myths of Dymos. I’m really excited because in my book I was trying to combine my love for fantasy stories with my interest of dinosaurs. I’ve always enjoyed reading books of the realm of fantasy and so far I’ve enjoyed writing about it too. I also enjoy reading books that feature dinosaurs, and I’m starting to read some science fiction stories. I’ve also read adventure novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, though those stories seem a little cliche. I do have asperger’s syndrome which can make learning difficult, but I don’t give up. I’m hoping that from Weave My Tale I’ll learn to better my writing and get my book ready to be enjoyed by others.


One comment on “Intro to Story Host…David Glenn

  • Hi David, Welcome to WMT. It’s great to have you onboard. I’ve never read anything with dinosaurs and fantasy. It seems interesting though as if the dinosaurs could be ridden and have magical powers. In typical dinosaur series the dinosaurs are chasing after people, but I can only imagine what battle scenes would be like if the people were battling each other while riding on the dinosaurs. It would be twice as fast and possibly twice as gruesome. Cool concept.


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