2112 Intro

Published September 4, 2014 by Tippy Talk

Protagonist: Sephoradise was born in Shelel to a World War IV survivor who fell in love with the wrong man. Although the entire family was happy to welcome her into their life, she is taken into the desert in her third month and laying under the hot sun her fair skin gets burned to a crisp. The enemy surrounding Shelel notices this fair skinned baby, that belongs to their sworn Shelel enemy, cooing in the sun, and allows her to live only because she could not provide enough blood for their sacred ritual. She is found by a family who belong to the innermost sector of Shelel, they got lost on their way home from vacation, and seeing that she would surly die if not saved, they take her home and adopt her as their own, never telling her that she was adopted. What she wants in this story is to figure out why she always has a strong feeling that something is missing in her life. It is like she has this huge hole pumping away in her innermost gut, and although she has been able to ignore it until now, She is no longer able to ignore it, and she must answer to the call of her darkest secret that could very well set off the fifth and  final world war.


3 comments on “2112 Intro

  • Very cool. So I get the feeling that not only can she set off the war, but maybe she is the only person who can stop it? I love those characters who have destiny on their side. Destiny is such a weird, magical thing. I like that she feels like she is missing something. Typically a character like this feels like they are missing something because they haven’t become the person they are supposed to be. What they are missing is their destiny–who they will become in the future. That’s a cool idea.

    Another thing you might think about is have an actual event happen in the story that results in something going missing. Maybe it’s like a family relic that her family has passed down through the generations, which originally came from when they were royalty. This is an easy way to ground your characters desire to the plot.

    Something like this can also serve as a red herring, an event or item that intentionally exists to lead the reader down a wrong path. But I don’t want to say too much. Maybe someone else has an idea.

    If you like it – Use It!


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