Intro to Story Host – M.C. Simon

Published September 3, 2014 by M.C.Simon

1 – The name of the story and what excites me about it:


(Memories of an Arcturian)

This is a story based on a mix of personal experiences in my Earthen life and the parallel dimensions of my dreams. Which are the borders? Do strict borders exist between these worlds? To answer what excites me about this… these borders excite me the most.

2 – Something about the kind of stories I like to read, write, etc.:

Practically I love to read anything. I am a hard reader and I can approach any genre with the same pleasure.

My intention is to test my abilities reading as many genres as I can, to see what fits me best and to find my voice.

3 – Some random tidbit about myself, not related to storytelling to let the readers get to know who I am:

Please read the “short bio” bellow.

4 – Why you joined “Weave my Tale”:

Do you want a poetic answer? Let me be sincere. I’ll write the phases that I’ve crossed in subscribing to this project.

1 – When I first saw Jim’s announcement, I immediately checked the recommended website and somehow liked the idea finding it very provocative.

2 – In the first moment, I avoided focusing on the provocative side of the project and I told myself the subscription will provide me a good chance to meet new authors, writers and maybe new friends.

3 – While waiting on Jim’s answer to my first email, I checked again the website and suddenly I started to concentrate on the provocation, strongly feeling that in this project there is much more than just making new connections.

4 – Jim’s first reply came and while reading the received material, my excitation about this project started to grow. It seemed to be something very serious. And… I love serious and well organized things. I also have a diploma as a Project Manager so it was easy for me to see behind the appearances.

5 – After a new exchange of emails with questions and answers the decision was taken from the depth of my heart: I am in!

6 – The final reason for joining “Weave my Tale” is the feeling that I am in front of a locked gate that will soon open for me and behind it, a treasured new world that expects to be collected.

7 – My name is Mirela and… here I am!


M.C. Simon

The very short Bio 🙂

(The longer version… but not the complete one… here)


Writer, translator, researcher, engineer, proud mother, beloved wife… and much more. What else can I ask for? 🙂

“If you insist to believe that only swimming is possible, you will never learn to fly” says one of my favorite quotes.

Yes, that’s me. I believe in the boundless possibilities which are our birth gifts that we forgot about; and I believe that we are the only ones who are blocking these gifts; blocking them due to our induced beliefs.

I have breathed on this planet since January 29, 1967, being born in a country which I always liked, in a city crossed by the Danube river, where my mother was in a short holiday before she was to deliver her first child.

Giving me a musical name, my parents planned out my life since the first days of my existence here. One thing my parents didn’t know about was my stubbornness. Instead of using my voice to build my life, I chose to use my technical abilities and became an engineer; a good one in my field of interest. I’m still an engineer as my main activity and for sure I love my job.

In my bio there’s something which needs to be mentioned. I recently decided that I am also a writer. This writer started to ask for her freedom and I intend to set her free. So, the first move was to choose a Pen Name… like any writer who has a reason to choose one. What’s my reason? Only one: intending to write only in the English language, my real name would be hard to spell; but loving too much my name, I simply couldn’t get rid of it and decided to only cut out the last few letters.

Now… being a writer… I have to write, don’t I? So, I just finished my first book (non-fiction) which is in the publishing process. I am also working on my first novel that will be a mix between romance, fantasy, normal and paranormal; and most of all… behind each written line will be a hidden meaning that will be felt by the readers accordingly with their spiritual attainment.

 “Everything is based on contrasts. You can read these lines only because there is enough contrast between the letters and the background”.

Yes, that’s me also. Fire and ice, sweet and bitter, warm and cold… I will not continue anymore here; I am sure you caught the main idea.

And I am wondering now… can the letters which I will choose bring out enough contrast on the paper to keep your attention awakened?



9 comments on “Intro to Story Host – M.C. Simon

  • I love the idea! It reminds me of Philip Pullman’s, “His Dark Materials” series (i.e. Golden Compass, etc.). The characters in his world use a “subtle knife” to find invisible doors between dimensions. Maybe you could use some sort of enchanted object like that to find the barriers between your sleeping and waking dimensions, like a pair of dark glasses, a sleeping hat or a wizards robe. I’m really interested in how the dimensions fit together.

    If you like the idea, feel free to “Use It”!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I still didn’t decide all the details, but following your instructions I personalized him as follows:

      • Name: Zilarion
      o On Earth he is a beggar.
      o Looks like a 70 old man.
      o He’s always wearing black clothes; poor but very clean.
      o His hair is white and long; his head always covered by a bandana.
      o His mission is to observe the Arcturians who didn’t remember yet who they are and what mission they have.
      o If it is necessary, he is bringing them back home to provide them the details which they need.

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