The Super-Sonic Secrets of the Teacherhood-Introduction

Published August 2, 2014 by jflakerabe

A novel of exposing the truths of what teachers actually do in the summer.

Two high school seniors notice the teachers at her school are a little more abnormal that usual.  By the end of the year they are on edge, wired on coffee, and have an exceptional amount of red in the eyes.  Then they meet the new English teacher.  She started off so cool, and different than the other teachers at their school.  She still had life and imagination.  She hung out with them on the weekends and showed up at their games.  But they notice at the end of the year, she is changing….for the worse. She’s becoming just like the other teachers.   On the last day of school, they see a mysterious invitation on her desk, inviting her to a “Summer Conference, saying it will change you for the better.”  They finally approach her about it and encourage her to go.  But then they hear the rumors about the conference and are worried about their friend.

But the teacher has committed to go, so the two girls follow her.  They have nothing else to do before they start college, and they really do want to know what teachers do all summer, since they’re both going into the profession.  What they find is horrendous.  The two girls are mistaken for two absent teachers, and are thrown into a whirlwind of top-secrets of the Super-sonic secrets of the teacherhood-what teachers really do during the summer.

Crazy things happen to them, some they are forced to do, and others they hide while they are happening.  White paint injected into the teacher’s bloodshot eyes, Child X prescription shots, hours of toilet therapy, and scream rooms are just a few of the many bizarre happenings at this world renown conference.  The two girls have to figure out how to help their friend without turning their friend into a teacher zombie.


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