Concept – The Killing Page

Published July 26, 2014 by Jennie Richmond

What if you were forced to choose between supporting your family or doing the right thing? That is exactly the choice our protagonist, Wendell Harp, faces in ‘The Killing Page’. He desperately needs to have his novel finished by the deadline, but so far he hasn’t written very much at all. He’s stuck on what he calls “the killing page” – the most important page to him as it decides the outcome of the rest of his novel.

In fact, the only way Wendell can solve the problem, he thinks, is to do some research of his own…

If he doesn’t finish the novel in time, his family will lose their home. His marriage, already on rocky ground, will break down completely and Wendell is absolutely certain that his wife would file for sole custody of his children… What would you do?


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