The Killing Page – Idea

Published July 9, 2014 by Jennie Richmond

Firstly, I feel I should admit that the initial idea for ‘The Killing Page’ was not mine. The idea was donated by Ronald Paxton, and he told Weave My Tale that it was inspired by a previous short story that he had written (The Bookseller – can be found on this site if you are interested in reading it

However, since undertaking the challenge of writing the story, a few ideas have floated around my head. Well, less floated, more…swooped and pecked like an angry owl until I took notice. Usually in the middle of a working day. Some of the ideas have been forgotten, or really didn’t fit the story, but a few have stayed also. I decided that the story I wanted to tell would be based around the idea that “hurting others only results in self-destruction” – I could explain that in the sense of ‘The Killing Page’ but that would be giving too much away and we wouldn’t want that!

Of course, as with any post, input or contribution from readers would be much appreciated! Is there any particular way you want to see ‘The Killing Page’ started? Preferred viewpoints? I can’t promise every idea will make it into the story, but I can promise that I’ll consider each and every one of them, maybe even try them out to see how they fit in with the rest of the story.

Anyway. If I write anything else in here, I’m pretty sure I’ll be covering all the posts for Story Structure. I need to save some elements for later!




One comment on “The Killing Page – Idea

  • It would be awesome if they fell in love with one of their so-called characters and they helped him understand the value of life….and they decide killing off a character is not such a great idea 🙂


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