New Story Host – Jennie Richmond

Published July 4, 2014 by Jennie Richmond

Hello! My name is Jen, and I’m a new writer here! When ‘Weave My Tale’ asked me which story I would like to work with, I was irrevocably drawn to ‘The Killing Page’.  The title is suggestive of mystery and drama and the potential to be a ‘killer’ psychological thriller. I guess the only way I can explain this is that writing means the same to me as serial murders do to Sherlock during it’s first episode (if you don’t watch it then to cut a long story short, writing makes me feel ALIVE! Or more alive, anyway) and right from the start I was raring to go!

So far, the general drift of the story seems to be this:

The protagonist, Wendell Harp, is a highly acclaimed best-selling author of novels of the thriller genre. His latest manuscript is due on his publisher’s desk in less than a month, and he still needs more than 30,000 words to complete his novel. He is stuck on what he likes to call “The Killing Page”. One of the characters needs to die, but he can’t work out who, how or why. Turning to desperate measures, Wendell decides to carry out his own research for inspiration – murdering people who closely resemble his characters in order to work out which one would ‘feel right’ in writing. A lot is depending on Wendell’s success. Reputation, Family, basically his life. Can he finish the book in time?


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