Exploring the Setting – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian

Published January 12, 2015 by M.C.Simon

Ok. I am done now. I returned the books and now I am free to go on my way. I am happy; my new path still cuts across the park. I love this park. In it, I always found something to calm my mind down. My feet entered towards the first alley. I know this is a place I will miss immensely; thus, I decide to sit on a bench for a while. I have to admit… I have emotions. I do not know where I am going, I have no idea why I considered going in this direction first, but somehow I feel that the desert will solve my problem.

I relax my body for a while. I let my lungs fill themselves with the fresh air. It is a beautiful, sunny, morning in June. On both sides of the alley, colorful roses in the rosebushes have already blossomed. The fresh air is filled with their fragrance. I remember now what mom taught us when we were children. It was a powerful clearing meditation using roses. I don’t know if after finding what I am chasing, I will ever see another rose again. Therefore, I decided, maybe for the last time, to use a rose. Inside my heart chakra I feel congested. It probably remained there after what had happened yesterday with those two evil eyed men. I do not want this energy coming with me in my travel so the rose is exactly what I need right now. I know I can do this meditation using only my imagination, but for some reasons I want to touch a rose; and so, I take a yellow one from the rosebush. I touch my nose with its soft petals and let the fragrance fill my entire body. This smell… I love the smell of yellow roses. From all the roses, I always favored the yellow ones.
The fragrance of a yellow rose on a sunny morning in June… what else should I desire more in my last moments from the place I have lived until now?
While I let the rose rest lying on the bench, I place an imaginary blooming rose on my heart chakra. I close my eyes. I move my feet away from the concrete sidewalk. I want to feel the planet’s energy better and placing my feet directly on the ground seems to always help me. After I take several deep breaths, I imagine roots growing from my feet and burying themselves down into the ground, down to the core of the planet. I listen to my heart and when it tells me that my grounding process is complete, I move my attention to my auric field. I check to see if it is all compact and where it’s necessary, I pull its borders with my mind until I see myself enveloped four to five feet in all directions.
Again I move my sight and this time I pay attention to the yellow rose. With my human eyes closed but my internal eyes opened, I watch it in all its details. The soft petals reflect the sunshine and warm my heart. I take the rose and place it inside my mind. The rose seems to feel good there for a while. My lungs are breathing, inhaling and exhaling the rose fragrance. Suddenly the rose starts to shake. My mind shakes also.

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I look around me. Inside my lungs, I still sense the smell of the rose. The delicate warm wind’s breeze brings to my nostrils the fragrance of all the flowers from my favorite park. Yes… I know… I will miss this also. However, I have to go. I cannot step back now. It is something like a faraway call inside my heart that is whispering more and more… “Come, Macy. Come… let’s unite again.”
Through the blowing breeze, the sun is still arrowing its rays and touching my skin. A comfortable sensation folds my whole body. My bare feet are still touching the ground. I feel the green grass crossing its way between my toes. My legs feel a wet tickle, probably from the water that showered the grass earlier in the day.
I am still grounded therefore I am closing my eyes again. Taking once more several deep breaths, I call back the roots that earlier I sent out to the core of the planet. Like good little children, all my roots withdraw themselves, crossing all the layers found inside the planet. When they withdraw to the feet level, they disappeared as if they never existed. I am smiling now. I know my roots are there, hidden inside my feet and I can send them anytime, anywhere.
A happy cricket is singing somewhere close to the bench I’m resting on. I am wondering… will I ever hear a cricket anymore, there where I am now going? I have to keep inside my being all the treasures I have found on this planet. I have to keep them well secured, so I can take them out when I will miss the home where I lived until now. Will I ever be able to come back? Oh… I suddenly feel panicked thinking that I will never come back. I wish, I wish with all my heart, someday to be able to come back. I love this planet. I love the humans I met here. I love the grass, the ground, the animals and birds. I love the flowers and the trees. I love the winds, the sunrays, the snow, the rains. Oh… I will miss all these so much.
My hand is suddenly rising to the face level and my fingers are drying the tears that suddenly invaded my eyes. “Come, Macy… come here. Let us unite again” again I hear that voice inside my head. “Be brave Macy. Be brave. There is no time for sentimentalism. You have a plan. And you must do it.” My internal trembling voice is saying trying to convince myself to only look forward.
A ladybug landed on my bare feet. Another tear came into my blue eyes; another one and then another one. No… these are not my tears… the sky suddenly shook over the earth several rain drops. It’s as if all of nature wants to make me decide to remain here. However, no, I will do as I planned. I have to go now. This night I have to be in the desert already. I feel it is there, the place where I will meet my family.

I put my sandals on my feet. My body stands up now near the bench. My eyes are scrutinizing the view. Far away on another bench under a tree, I see the man from yesterday. He still looks like a beggar to me, but now I know it was only my perception. He seems to be very mysterious but I do not have time to check into his background. I have to go.
My legs start to move. I say good-bye in my mind to these places. I say good-bye to all my friends, teachers… to mom and dad… and in this moment, I can even say good-bye to my brother who came one day on this planet to steal a part of my parent’s love.
I slowly move my body towards the park’s exit. A sudden noise enter my ears. The sound seems to be made by someone who’s running. Yes, I am sure about this. Someone is running and is coming closer and closer to me. I quickly turn my head around to see who it is.
I know that runner. I know him very well. He is my brother. Why is he running like this? And why does his face looks like this? I am not sure if he is angry or there’s something else. Anyway, his face never looked this way before.
His body almost runs me down when he arrives where I am standing. It seems as though he does not see me. His mind is filled with something I do not know, but for sure what’s inside his mind somehow brings me chills.
My reaction is fast. I raise my hand and while positioning my body in front of him my palm grabs his arm making him slow his legs down. He now seems to realize who is in front of him.
“Macy, Macy… what will we do now?” he almost yells at me. A tear is falling down his face.
“What happened? Why are you running like this?” my worried voice whispered. I already knew something was wrong. I never saw my brother’s eyes looking like this.
“Father… father” he started to cry and run again at the same time.
Dad? What about dad? My plans can wait for now. My legs start to run even faster than my brother was able to. I speed up leaving him somewhere behind me.
Two streets only; I have to run right there and turn left at the next corner where I will see our home. My mind and legs don’t seem to react to my wondering anymore. They are working now as if separate entities have decided to bring my body home.
I see the corner of the street… only a few more feet now… turning to the left, I stop. I suddenly stop; two medical vehicles are parked in front of my house. People are running up and down; white coats entering in the house. Few neighbors are watching in silence.
My legs start running again. “Dad! Dad… wait for me, please!”


Protagonist Interview – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian

Published October 15, 2014 by M.C.Simon

“Hi Elimar. Thank you for doing this interview with me. In this moment all galactic races are seeing us, no matter of the time and space they belong to.”

“Hi Sol-ra and Hello all! Thank you for having me”. I answered while trying to calm my heart beats. Knowing that all races and the galactic Councils where instantly seeing me, made me feel somehow uncomfortable.

“The first question the Councils chose is: Why did you decide to let me interview you?” Sol-ra asked surprising me. I was expecting to begin with any other question but for sure not this one. I instantly checked if the chi ball was activated. In that moment I understood why before the interview started, Sol-ra gave me the chance to prepare my protection. Being my best friend here and knowing me so well, she was sure I will not want to let everyone read all my thoughts. Therefore, I sent her a thanking thought through a mirror designated only for her, and I replied.

“First of all I decided to accept because you are my best friend here since the first moment when I entered the space gate. Second, I accepted because it is a huge honor to know that the Councils took away from their time and postponed urgent and important projects, to hear my thoughts. Third, because soon I will have to enter into a combat from where I don’t know how I will come out, so now it’s my only chance to let my voice be heard by all races. I know we are all connected but it is a great egoistical pleasure to know and to perceive it, here and now and not in an infinite time and space which I can’t control yet.” My answer came and even if I had no idea where this thought came from, I was proud of myself.

What do you think this interview is going to be about?” the next question jumped out instantly.

“In this moment I am not very sure what it will be about, but somehow I see this opportunity exactly like on Earth, the death convict receives the right to have a last wish before the final road.” My voice transformed my hidden thoughts into sounds. I was wondering why my chi ball let these thoughts cross over to the outside, but I supposed that even if I wanted to hide them, still something inside me wanted everyone to know that it was possible they will never see me again from now on.

Tell us, Elimar, what is one thing that you care about more than anything else, and why?

Hearing this question, something hit my soul so deep that I instantly made a decision that I never thought I would ever make; I will let everyone feel and know my naked soul. I don’t want to lie, I never lied and I will never lie.

I closed my eyes and while all of my body was shaking due to an intense emotional feeling, I raised my hand and let my green healing ray penetrate the chi. Using it, I shattered the ball covering my body and sent each piece back to my secret private place. I opened after this my eyes and the first thing I saw was the smile on Sol-ra’s face and inside my heart I heard her protective voice, “You decided so well, Elimar… so well. Now answer to the Council’s question and do it like only you know how to”.

While feeling that finally I had the courage to let the races know the real Elimar, or Lorriann, or whatever other name I would possibly have which in that moment I didn’t recall, I simply said with a trembling voice: “The one thing I care about more than anything else is to regain my memories. I know I am more than I know now and I feel that I must do something that I don’t recall yet. More than my love for Earth, more than my love for our Arcturian home, more than anything else, I long for my memories because I know deep inside them is something that I long for even more; the reunited soul for which my heart aches all over.”

Sol-ra’s eyes embraced my being and with a gentle touch of her yellow ray on my shoulder she continued using the low vocal spectrum of communication:
Tell us what you think of the statement: awareness is found by regaining lost memories?

In that moment, I was so happy that earlier I decided to renounce on my protection and to not filter my thoughts and feeling anymore. I really wanted everyone to know what my soul aches for.

“I don’t pretend that my answer is revealing a universal truth. We all know that the truth has many sides and it is deeper than the Abyss. But I will tell you what my truth is; a truth that even if it is different, it is no more and no less than others truth. When Zilarion first brought me here, I saw everyone knowing me but I didn’t recall any of my memories. I only knew at that moment that I am Lorrian and my parents were probably worried on that place called Earth or home of the human beings. Step by step, you all adopted me while showering over me your pure love. I was surprised when I found out that my name is Elimar and that I have my rank inside the fleet. But all that I found was given to me from you and in fact no memory was recalled. While studying beside you, while doing all that our teachers asked of me to do, I realized that something inside my soul is yelling for a reunion. I suddenly felt that I am not a whole and that an important part of my soul is missing; I feel, I am sure, I know that this part is somewhere near, but I still can’t determine where. The longing for this part had transformed into pain; a deep, huge pain. For this and only for this reason, I want my memories back. And if this is my last day of existence before entering in the Level Five Arena… even if I will never fulfill this wish from now on… at least I want the lost part of my soul to see this interview… and to know that no matter if I will be transformed into stellar dust… I waited, and longed and remembered the promise made a long time ago. This is all that I remembered”.

How does it make you feel when I say awareness is found by regaining lost memories?” Sol-ra pushed more the question to me.

“Except what I said before, there is only one thing to add; my tears of longing. That’s all” my short answer gushed through my mouth, being too turbid by my sudden first and only confession, to talk more about it.

Why is that so important to you, Elimar? Why is something unknown and that you long for, so important to you?” my friend further asked while touching my trembling hands with a soft white ray.

“It is important; it is more than important. It is my only reason for being. I was once a soul but for unknown reasons was split in halves. This half you see in front of you crossed through time and space on many paths. On each path a mission was given, but somehow, I felt that no mission was completely fulfilled. Because the mission was given only to my soul. I am only the half.” Saying this I realized that before now this was not at all so clear in my mind, like it was now after answering to the Council’s questions. And even if I had no clue about what will be from now on, I suddenly felt released; any heaviness that was on my shoulders, suddenly disappeared.

I knew what happened. I instantly knew why it happened. Renouncing the protective chi ball and showing my heart to everyone without thinking that I will be judged anymore, I could finally feel free. And perceiving the freedom now, so differently than before, I was peacefully waiting the next question.

What would you say to someone who told you that you are wrong about that?” Sol-ra’s voice was heard and at the same time I was surprised to notice something that I never saw before. Her body, her solar shape was so different than any other galactic body which I had ever seen; she had billions of strings attached. Those strings seemed to have no end, and to be connected to the core of the universe. Wondering how it was possible to never notice what was now so palpable, I tried not to delay my answer.

“If you would ask me this before, I am sure I would give you another answer. But now… but now… all that I can say is that everyone’s reality is real and even if all the realities are different, no one is more right or more wrong. It is only a matter of perception and I know now that we must work hard to be able to climb the 125 steps of the ladder that ends in Ein Sof. If someone will tell me that I am wrong, I will always honor that reality; because… maybe in the past I also was there, or maybe in the future I will be able to climb to that level.”

If you could say anything or do anything to that person, what would you want to do to them?” the next question came through at a very low tone.

“I would say only this: There is none else besides Him” I stopped the long answer that I wanted to give, exchanging it with these words only. Closing my eyes, feeling the most profound peace that I ever imagined, deep inside my heart I now knew that this included all the other thoughts I wanted to add. I now knew without even knowing from where, that at the end of the ladder, which every being must climb, no matter of the given dimension, time and space, waits for us the perception of the Unknown, the Indescribable, the Infinite, the Transcendent, the One, the Creator of all that was, is and will ever be.

My eyes were still closed when I felt Sol-ra’s grace embracing me again. The strings were still there, more colorful and more vivid then before.


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Mum C writes


Atia looked at Babatunde who seem drunk  and can’t believe his ears.

“So a corpse you kept sat down when the funeral workers touched her, and because of this you think you have seen it all? Baba, you really must be drunk. That you live a miserable life does not mean you have seen worse than us.”

Koto sat straight and looked at his peers and says:

“Guys cool down, what have you Atia seen that I have not seen?”

Atia sits straight and says “You really know how to push peoples buttons. Koto you think we do not know that you were sleeping with a fresh dead girl when she opened her eyes and the coward that you are, you took to your heels never going there again?”

Koto drinks all his hard liquor at a go and pulls long at his cigarette trying desperately to hide his face…

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Mum C writes

Askimo sits on the wall dejected, what in God’s name just happened? Did Selina just sleep with him and sack him out of her house? He of all people? God’s gift to women like him? Considering the many women who will die to have him in their beds forever, he thinks back. All the women he had slept with, were grateful, some said he was huge, others just loved his manliness. Could it be that he is getting smaller? No, if anything, he should be bigger. Did he do anything to displease Selina? He sniffs his armpit, there is no foul smell. What could it be? I must ask what happened or I will not be able to get any sleep.

Could it be that Selina is a man eater? Talking about that, who is a man eater? Some way somehow, this lady has made him doubt himself for the…

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Mum C writes



Once a boy from Africa saw

A white boy from America

He asked “hey boy why are you coy?”

The white boy said “I’m from America”


He couldn’t play because of heat

And felt so bad because of food

He ate only leaves and rice alone

The African thought he had many a mood


The white boy told him many things

In America there are many things

The snow which sacks mosquitoes

And the weather which is very cold


The black boy wept and pleaded

Please take me to America

I want a place as cool as the sea

And that place is not Africa


The black boy went to America

And shivered so much he could not sit

He slept so much he could not play

He hated the weather which his mouth bit


“What have I done? This is no place for…

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My protagonist, Josun

Published October 12, 2014 by mythsofdymos

Hi everyone. This post is about my story’s protagonist, Josun. What Josun is trying to accomplish in the story is bring peace to the land. Josun is about 6’2, and has a pretty fit form. Attractiveness is never on his list of priorities, but people would see Josun as handsome. Maybe not as handsome as Prince Charming, but still handsome.

Josun manages to speak to others pretty well. The only problem is he’s never really had any friends until the story sends him on his adventure. He does manage to get along with the people who join him pretty well. Josun doesn’t waste time with clothes. He’s perfectly content with a tunic, pants, and some boots.

Josun is pretty loyal to the kingdom he’s a part of, but he is capable of telling when people are doing things that are wrong. He’s not the guy that goes with what might be considered popular. He’s never been popular his entire life because he lived life as a farmer. Josun hasn’t been diagnosed with any disabilities.

Josun was born about 1989 in our time, and the events of the story take place when he’s sixteen. He’s lived in the village of Thrystinove his entire life. His mother, Myrna, has worked as a farmer and was very good at it. Josun loves his mother very much, but he never knew who his father was. His mother wanted to have more children, but Josun ended up being the only child in their family.

Josun is a caucasian human from the island of Sodow, which is where a person from the British Isles would find them if they were to travel to Dymos. Sodow, like the rest of Bylouth, lives in a feudal society. It works well for Josun and he’s pretty comfortable with living as a farmer.

The main religion of Bylouth is based off of Christianity. I’m afraid I still haven’t thought of a name for it. Josun does believe what he had been taught because he views not believing in something more as wrong. The main belief is that all the people of Dymos were brought to that world from Earth to help their deity (whom they call the Builder) fight the devil of that world (known as the Waster). Josun lives his life in accordance to the practices of his religion.

Myrna could never afford to send Josun to school, so he never had a real education. One of the priests from the village church did teach him to read, though he still struggles with that from time to time. His mother is his primary caretaker.

Josun doesn’t have a girlfriend right now and has never been in a relationship. He doesn’t know what it means to be in love, though he believes it is one of the greatest things that can happen to anyone. His knowledge is based on what his mother told him about her and his father, and as a result Josun lives a very chaste life.

Josun does look up to his mother because despite being without her husband Myrna doesn’t let that get her down. She works hard on their farm and doesn’t give up. Josun doesn’t like his cousins because they are arrogant and act like the world owes them a living. They also talk bad about his father, calling him a bandit and outlaw. Josun likes his determination to get his work done, though he dislikes the fact that he never really got an education. Josun has been told by his mother that he shouldn’t be stubborn, but he can never tell when he’s acting that way. His greatest strength would be his sense of what’s right and wrong. If he could be doing anything he would prefer to be in school.

Josun is known in his community, though his lack of education would probably put him near the bottom despite the success of his mother’s farm. He acts the same in public as he does in private, so everyone knows him for who he is. Josun doesn’t have any secrets, but his mother knows something about him he doesn’t. I’m afraid I can’t say what because I plan to reveal it later in the story. Right now Josun believes he’s alive to take over his mother’s farm in the future.

Well that’s all I got right now. I hope this helps with my writing.


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Mum C writes



We need to pile our hope, to save our souls

We need to catch that rope, to help our souls

Get up! Get up! Be a book worm

And watch, learn, if you fall, don’t squirm

Wake, ye nations of procreation and love

Get up! Work hard minding not the stones above


We are like new sweet gums, chewed and thrown out

At first we’re wooed with hums, but end with shouts

Stand tall! Stand tall! We need freedom

We need freedom in this kingdom

The ropes of deception must be cut loose

Stand tall! We can never afford to lose


We’re now slaves in kitchens, washing machines

We’re now roosting chickens, from our six-teens

Be Stronger! Be stronger! Fight to finish

What we need is learn to catch the fish

Then we can stand at the finish clear line

Be stronger! We will work until we’re…

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